Have you seen our new video?

Have you seen our new video?
In an effort to expand the reach to our customers, we have launched our first-ever animated video!

Watch the video, click here! Why should you see this video? We hope that this video and those that will follow, aid in guiding our customers to better understand their rights & obligations, our procedures and improve their customer experience with SZV.

The first video highlights our multi-channel contact points for information based on our wide range of services. Our four new service desks, Medical, Seniors & Benefits, Employers and Employees & Insured are highlighted in the video as well. Our videos aim to have an instructional and informative nature. This general video is the first of a series.

We understand that we serve a multi-cultural society and that not everyone is receptive to information in the same manner. Our newest communication tools offer the ease of online access, like our website and Facebook page, but yes, not everyone is online. At our offices you can you find our service brochures and copies of this supplement, of which a majority of information is sourced from what is available on our website. Let us not forget that our staff is always available to assist you.

We encourage our customers and you the reader to also help us improve our reach, and share the correct information. You can do so by sharing this supplement, sharing our Facebook posts, referring to our website, and of course sharing our video(s) when you see them. Your neighbor, co-worker, friends and family might thank you for this!


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