Via Employer Portal Only: ZV/OV Assessments & Nihil declaration

Via Employer Portal Only: ZV/OV Assessments & Nihil declaration
Effective March 1, 2022: SZV will no longer use postal mail to deliver employer assessments (aanslagen) for ZV/OV premiums.

These assessments will only be made accessible and printable through the Employer Portal. In this way, the employer's administration with SZV is transparent and accessible, making it easier for to take the necessary actions, in a timely manner.


Only Employer Portal users with the Admin and Finance rights are able to view and download the ZV/OV assessments online.

Important notice:

- The legal company official (director) can automatically assign the Admin rights in the Employer Portal to a 3rd party.

- The legal company official is responsible to assign user rights to the company’s internal users (employees) and external users (accountants).

- The legal company official is at all times responsible and accountable for the assignment of user rights to his business account in the Employer Portal.



In the Employer Portal, it is possible to review your account, request a payment arrangement and submit an objection. We encourage employers to make use of these online services, as they are designed to support in compliance towards the legal obligations of paying health and social security premiums.

Nihil declaration
A request to process nihil declaration(s) for ZV/OV premiums can be submitted via the Employer Portal. The request will be reviewed for acceptance or rejection. Request to process nihil declarations via e-mail will no longer be accepted and processed.

Go to > Employer Request and select > I would like to submit a nihil declaration. Please follow the instructions provided when submitting a Nihil declaration.

Important notice:

- Request for nihil declarations will only be processed for employers with no active employees in SZV’s database.

- Employers can submit a termination of their employee(s) in the Employer Portal. Go to > Employment Overview and submit the termination of the employee(s).

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