Preventive care

29-06-2016 15:30 , Charonne Holder

Preventative care and services are measures that are performed in an effort to prevent an illness or injury. Common examples of preventive care are immunizations, flu vaccination and yearly physicals. In fact, any screening test done in order to catch a disease early is considered a preventive service, such as routine papsmear tests and breast cancer screening for women or prostate exams for men. Preventive care helps you to remain healthy by preventing disease, improving and protecting your health. Preventive care is also integrated in Youth Healthcare by monitoring the health and development of children and by administrating vaccines. Many non-profit organizations in St. Maarten also provide preventive care by organizing public health awareness campaigns.

The department of Collective Prevention Services (CPS), of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, is an executing agency of the government that provides preventive care to the community. CPS protects and promotes Public Health in St. Maarten by means of the registration and monitoring of diseases, the development and implementation of preventive services such as health promotion programs, screening and immunization programs and take part in public health legislation. More information about upcoming meetings, conferences and other activities of this department can be found on their Facebook-page: Collective Prevention Services.


Department of Collective Prevention Services
Vineyard Building
W.G. Buncamper Road 33
Facebook: Collective Prevention Services

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