Social & Health Insurances (SZV)

The Social & Health Insurances (SZV) covers the healthcare costs of approximately 22 thousand Sint Maartener’s: two-thirds of the population (STAT, Census 2011).

SZV is an executing agency which was established by law on October 4, 2010 (AB 2013, GT no. 69) but fully operational from 2011. SZV is a semi-independent governing body that executes the administration and management of the National Health and Social Insurance Schemes of Sint Maarten. Read the USZV Law here.

The following social and health insurance schemes are administered and managed by SZV:

1. The General Old-Age insurance (AOV, AB 2013 GT no. 520), is a compulsory insurance which guarantees those persons who have reached retirement age a basic pension to minimally meet their basic needs. This insurance scheme is based on the principle of solidarity which entails that all insured persons with an income have to pay the AOV premium.

2. The General Widow(ers) and Orphans insurance (AWW, AB 2013 GT no. 522), guarantees financial support to the widow(er) after the death of his/her insured spouse and to the children of an insured mother/father after their death.

3. The General Insurance Exceptional Medical Expenses (AVBZ, AB 2013 GT no. 613), is a compulsory insurance for long-term exceptional medical expenses.

4. The Accident Insurance (OV, AB 2013 GT no. 801), insures employees against the cost of medical care and loss of wages as a consequence of an accident on the job. In the event of permanent disability, a salary substitute benefit will be paid. In the event of death as a consequence of the accident, surviving relatives are entitled to receive accident pay.

5. The Sickness insurance (ZV, AB 2013 GT no. 802), ensures that employees with an income under the maximum wage limit are insured for the costs of medical care and loss of wages as a consequence of sickness.

6. The Severance pay insurance (Cessantia, AB 2013 no. 529), stipulates the rules concerning an obligatory one-time payment to the employee in the case of a dismissal through no fault of his/her own.


SZV also administers and manages the execution of the insurance for medical assistance (AB 2013 GT no. 68), the regulation to cover medical expenses of former civil servants (FZOG, AB 2013 GT no. 544) and the regulation for compensation of medical costs of civil servants.

With the exception of some charges, such as for optical and dental services, in practice this means that SZV pays for your healthcare costs, provided that the type of health services you consumed are covered by your health insurance.

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