SZV would like to share the comfort of knowing that our offices are once open again for full-service during regular business hours. We look forward to welcoming our customers and assisting them where needed.
SZV offices will be closed tomorrow Tuesday September 5th, until further notice.
In an effort to expand the reach to our customers, we have launched our first-ever animated video!
As of AUGUST 1, services of the Civil Registry department will ONLY BE BY APPOINTMENT. You may need documents from the Civil Registry for your applications at SZV.
We invite you to read the 10th edition of our Social & Health Supplement.
SZV recently welcomed members of the Federation of Pensioners of the former Netherlands Antilles and Aruba (BGNAA) for the 2017 bi-annual update meeting.
SZV introduced the new service desks for Employers, Employees & Insured, Medical and Seniors & Benefits that come with new information resources and self-service tools based on identified customer needs.
SZV is happy to announce that employers can now submit their ZV and OV declarations online via
Social & Health Insurances SZV and the Social Insurance Bank Curacao SVB have entered into a dialogue to establish a protocol that will foster an extended collaboration between the two organizations and enable efficient...
Saturday March 25th, Social & Health Insurances SZV participated in the 9th annual Lion’s Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair at the Festival Village. SZV attended to many customers and information seekers throughout the day...

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