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Notification for patients of Dr. Angelica Arrindell ONLY.
SZV would like to inform its customers that for the months of April and May 2019, several service desks and the general information number +1(721)-546-6782 will close early.
Register for monthly workshops on how to accurately fill in the SZV employee registration and mutation forms.
Social & Health Insurances SZV has started its own radio show entitled “Me & SZV”.
The director of Social & Health Insurances SZV, Glen A. Carty has expressed enthusiasm about the new radio campaign of SZV.
Medical referrals continue as scheduled
A MUST-READ: Edition #17 of our Social & Health Supplement is out now.
The AOV Pension Status survey resumes as per January 28th. See schedule.
Notification for patients of Dr. Ruth Douglass ONLY.

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