Executed Laws

The following social and health insurance schemes are administered and managed by SZV (Read the USZV Law here.):

1. The General Old-Age insurance (AOV, AB 2013 GT no. 520)
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2. The General Widow(ers) and Orphans insurance (AWW, AB 2013 GT no. 522)

3. The General Insurance Exceptional Medical Expenses (AVBZ, AB 2013 GT no. 613)

4. The Accident Insurance (OV, AB 2013 GT no. 801)

5. The Sickness insurance (ZV, AB 2013 GT no. 802)

6. The Severance pay insurance (Cessantia, AB 2013 no. 529)

SZV also administers and manages the execution of the insurance for medical assistance (AB 2013 GT no. 68), the regulation to cover medical expenses of former civil servants (FZOG, AB 2013 GT no. 544) and the regulation for compensation of medical costs of civil servants.


For an overview of the above mentioned and related legislations. Please visit the Government website (www.sintmaartengov.org) for an updated overview of the legislations. From this page you can select any legislation type and continue browsing, or you can see which legislation types are applicable to Sint Maarten. In the Official Publications (In Dutch:  ‘Afkondigingsbladen’), you will find all the applicable legislation that has been distributed to the public since October 10th, 2010.

This page also contains a search engine. This search engine is the fastest and most efficient way of finding a certain piece of legislation. At this moment the majority of legislations are only available in Dutch. You should therefore use the Dutch language while using the search engine.



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