SZV staff for SXM DOET 2017

SZV staff for SXM DOET 2017
This year was the first year that SZV staff collectively volunteered for SXM DOET. We participated in four different projects throughout the island.

Our team contributed to various projects for SXM DOET 2017:

- Assisting with the upgrade of the children's facilities of the Alpha & Omega Foundation in Philipsburg.
- Out and about with our seniors on an island tour and bird park excursion with the Golden Age Foundation.
- Assisting with the First Aid and Swimming skills for the clients of Sister Basilia center with the Down Syndrome Foundation.
- Assisting with the upgrade of the Discovery Farm for animals in Cay Bay which is used as a recreation and for special needs groups and families who use the farm as a tool to reach therapeutic goals. These services are facilitated by the Intervision Foundation St.Maarten.

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page: SZV Social & Health Insurances

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