Employers: Submit ZV and OV Declarations online!

Employers: Submit ZV and OV Declarations online!
SZV is happy to announce that employers can now submit their ZV and OV declarations online via www.szv.sx.

In just two easy steps companies can now submit their declarations online. This new service has been successfully tested by several companies on the island such as the Windward Islands Bank, Bobby’s Marina, Princess Juliana Airport and more. The new service reduces the need for employers to Visit our offices to submit these declarations, reducing waiting and improving efficiency of the administrative process for both employers and SZV.

The new service offers employers;

- A user account where employers have a complete online overview of submitted declarations

- Automatic calculations

- E-mail confirmations

- Third party authorization for those making use of accounts etc.

- and much more.

“Great! I love it!! Submit the declaration and get the e-mail confirmation!” – Bobby’s Marina

Start now, set up your account: CLICK HERE!

To set up your account all you need is;

- SZV number

- CRIB number

- COCI number

- Digital copy:

      - COCI excerpt

      - Passport or ID of Director

To submit a declaration: All you need to do is;

- Click ‘Submit a declaration’

- Select period

- Confirm number of employees

- Fill in total wages ZV and OV

- Premiums are calculated automatically for you!

- Confirm and submit. Done!


“It’s great! when you get the hang of it it’s quite easy and simple.” – Princess Juliana International Airport

Questions or more information?
Contact our customer service via info@szv.sx.



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