BGNAA visits SZV offices

BGNAA visits SZV offices
SZV recently welcomed members of the Federation of Pensioners of the former Netherlands Antilles and Aruba (BGNAA) for the 2017 bi-annual update meeting.

The meeting with SZV was held on the topics of Pension benefits and organizational developments. SZV presented the members with an overview of the latest developments within the organization; automation of operational processes, improved customer service options, information resources and 2016 pension demographics.  During the meeting the new Seniors & Benefits brochure of SZV was presented to the members. The brochure contains general information on the services and procedures of SZV to pensioners and those who qualify. 

Pictured L-R: Mr. Renatto Rodriguez (SZV), Mr. Egbert de Lannoy (BGNAA), Mrs. Ivy Moll (BGNAA), Ms. Charonne Holder (SZV), Mr. Reginald Willemsberg (SZV). 

BGNAA with SZV staff

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