10th edition of SZV supplement

10th edition of SZV supplement
We invite you to read the 10th edition of our Social & Health Supplement.

We are excited to have the bi-weekly supplement available to our customers and the public. Each edition features various organizational highlights, procedures and rights are explained, tips and reminders are exchanged and more. 

At SZV we offer many services which are regulated by law, this fact can make the information sharing and understanding a bit challenging at times, there may be various indicators or considerations for each service and those who qualify. For example; applying for medical insurance at SZV is not a 1 – 2- 3 process, but there are many indicating factors. With our service highlights in the supplement, we touch on various misconceptions and try to address as many frequently asked questions as possible in order to help our customers and the public understand our services better.

Read our 10th edition supplement here, and browse through the previous editions as well on this page

Directions to website: Customer Service page > Social & Health Supplement.

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