Employers: Submitting and Paying for your ZV/OV premiums

Employers: Submitting and Paying for your ZV/OV premiums
Both the ZV/OV declarations AND premium payments must be submitted by the 15th of each month.

We urge employers to be on time and accurate with BOTH the declaration and payment of their ZV/OV premiums, in order to prevent an assessment and fine.

When payment is made via online banking, please be sure to submit your ZV/OV declaration on time. Making your payment without submission of the declaration form will result in an assessment and fine for non-compliance.

To facilitate this process we would recommend that you make use of the SZV Employer’s Online Portal* to submit your declaration online. This is fast and easy and would eliminate the hassle to visit the SZV Office.

* Employer’s Online Portal: you must register for an account. Go to www.szv.sx or inquire by the Employer's desk for details.

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