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Employers: Demand notes to be issued for outstanding amounts

Employers: Demand notes to be issued for outstanding amounts
The Social & Health Insurances SZV has been actively advocating to employers, the obligation to declare and to pay the respective social security premiums.

This month, SZV will be disbursing “bulk” demand notes to companies registered in its system that have an outstanding regarding ZV/OV and AOV/AWW premiums. Please take note of the following:

- Companies who do not declare their monthly premiums on time will be assessed by SZV and will have to pay the assessed amount.
- Companies receiving the notice are reminded to pay their outstanding amounts or risk further collection measures.
- Companies who are unable to pay the total of their outstanding in one lump sum amount may request a payment plan.
- By maintaining the set monthly deadlines, companies can avoid the hassle of fines and an objection procedure.
- Companies that are registered but have not updated their files, for example; no longer have employees, out of business, amount of employees have changed etc., are asked to contact SZV to update their administration and or submit the required mutation form.
- In escalated cases of non-payment, SZV does have the authority to issue leans and auctions on goods and property to pay off the debt of social premiums.

Download the ZV/OV protest form by clicking here.

The objection procedure on an assessment is available online at www.szv.sx.

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