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SZV update: Medical Referrals Abroad

SZV update: Medical Referrals Abroad
Social & Health Insurances SZV is assessing the regional and international coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on medical travel and access to care abroad for Sint Maarten.

The recent announcements of regional and international opening of borders spark hope for resuming travel plans. However, this does not mean there is a clear path for SZV to resume medical travel abroad. SZV insured with an assigned referral officer, have direct communication with their officer and receive regular updates, as they become available. At present, it is unknown to SZV when routine medical referrals abroad will start back.

The current SZV medical referrals abroad protocols will be adjusted to adapt to the new COVID-19 realities and restrictions. All countries are applying the necessary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and contain it. For some countries, this includes no-entry to foreign visitors or extended quarantine time.

Persons with inquiries about the medical referrals process can contact SZV by phone or e-mail to info@szv.sx to ask their questions and get feedback. SZV will continue to update the public and encourage to regularly visit the website www.szv.sx or Facebook Page: SZV Social & Health Insurances, for updates.

Published on 09:59 18-05-2020, Charonne Holder | Views: 1031 - Comments: 0 - Likes: 5

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