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Request Doctor Change - September 2020

Request Doctor Change - September 2020
During the month of September* 2020, you will have the opportunity to request a change of your Family Physician.

For who
All  ZV medical insured
All OZR and ‘PP’ medical insured (persons insured for medical expenses by the Government of St. Maarten)

Online only - click here for form. 
You must use your own personal e-mail address for your doctor change request.

From September 1 – September 30, 2020
*If you submitted a doctor change request in March 2020, and this was not processed, please submit a new request during this period.

Your Doctor change request will go into effect as of October 1, 2020. 

SZV is going cardless
This means that as of October 1, 2020 more persons will only need to show a valid Sint Maarten ID or passport when visiting their health care provider.


Available Family Physicians

NAME                                                                            LOCATION

Dr. A. Raghosing                                                          Bush Road
Dr. F. Bouman                                                              Bush Road
Dr. S. Swanston-Meade                                                Cay Hill
Dr. K. Bekele                                                               Cole Bay
Dr. P. Simmons                                                            Cole Bay
Dr. T. Bell                                                                    Cole Bay
Dr. A. Zamora Perez                                                     Cole Bay
Dr. R. Sanchit-Raghosing                                              Dutch Quarter
Dr. M. Naawu                                                               Illidge Road
Dr. P. Arrindell                                                             Madame Estate
Dr. H. Deketh                                                              Maho
Dr. J. Bus                                                                    Philipsburg
Dr. M. Mercuur                                                             Philipsburg
Dr. L. Knol                                                                   Philipsburg
Dr. G. Spencer                                                             Saunders
Dr. W. Buser                                                                Simpson Bay Yacht Club
Dr. M. Dennaoui                                                           Simpson Bay
Dr. U. Tjaden                                                               Simpson Bay Yacht Club
Dr. J. Datema                                                              Simpson Bay Yacht Club


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