Please take note: As of July 1, 2022, the actions to apply or renew your medical insurance have changed.  

Step 1: Complete this online form and click submit. SZV will contact you to provide you an overview of the required credentials/documents to submit.

When to use this webform:

- Your medical insurance status is not valid, in your MySZV account

- First time applicant ZV (you are an employee or a dependent)

- First time applicant 62+ / FZOG

- Renewal FZOG

Step 2: Request a MySZV account (click here) with the credentials provided by SZV (only possible after completing step 1)

Step 3: In your MySZV account, complete the online registration form (only possible after completing step 2).

You will be notified when your online registration has been processed.

NOTE: Retired civil servants who qualify for FZOG insurance only need to proceed with Step 1. 

Please proceed to fill in the form below and click submit. 


Apply/Renew Medical Insurance Status
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Reminder: SZV office is not open for walk-in services. Please e-mail or call if you need more information or to schedule an appointment.

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