AO control: Report for sick-leave control online

AO control: Report for sick-leave control online
If you are unfit for work, report this online to SZV here.

Effective August 13, 2020:

Important changes to AO control procedure:

For SZV, it is no longer needed to visit the family doctor on the 1st or 2nd day of unfit for work, to have the SZV yellow card signed. Only when you are unfit for work on the 3rd day, you must report to SZV via the online AO procedure.

COVID-19 Quarantine or Isolation: If you are reporting AO because you have been placed in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 by the department of Collective Preventions Services (CPS), you must submit an official letter from CPS stating so.

When do you report unfit for work at SZV?
Private sector - on the 3rd day unfit for work

Civil Servants - on the 4th day unfit for work

Procedure AO-control online:
- Do not visit the SZV office for AO control

- Contact SZV for AO Control online - CLICK HERE 
- If you are a private sector employee, you MUST provide your Yellow Card number (red number on the upper left corner of card) and an active e-mail address when reporting online 

Employees are at all times responsible for reporting to their employer that they are unfit for work. If the company you work for is currently not operational, you cannot report for sick-leave control at SZV. The sick-leave control procedure is to determine if you are fit for work at your place of employment when it is operational.

For the full AO online procedure please click here.

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