AO Control

You are entitled to sickness insurance benefits, if you comply with the rules & regulations and the Control Doctor of SZV has endorsed the period of unfitness to work, on the back of your yellow control card.

Please note, that:

  • NO AO control is possible outside of the scheduled hours of 07:30 am - 10:00 am daily, from Monday through Friday.
  • In accordance to the law, if you do not visit the Control Doctor at SZV on the 3rd day of your illness (being unfit to work) your employer will not be able to claim loss of wages from SZV for the days that you were unfit to work.


ZV Insured.


  1. Call your employer on the first (1st) day of illness to inform him that you are unfit to work.
  2. On the first (1st) day of illness, please visit your general practitioner (GP) or medical specialist) with your Yellow control card. You do NOT visit SZV on the first (1st) day of illness.
  3. If your GP (or medical specialist) confirms that you are ill, he/she will sign the Yellow Card. He/she should sign the Yellow Card with the date you visited his/her office
  4. If you are still sick on the third (3rd) day, starting from the date of your GP visit, you are obligated to visit the Control Doctor at SZV. You do not need to make an appointment at SZV for this, but can report to the Medical Desk between 07:30 am - 10:00 am daily (Monday – Friday). If the 3rd day of sickness falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you must visit SZV on Monday.
  5. If on the 3rd day you can work, you must return to work. You do not have to come to SZV.


  1. When you visit the Control Doctor at SZV, please bring along your ZV insurance card and your signed Yellow Card ( by your GP or or medical specialist). If your Yellow Card is not signed, you will not be able to visit the Control Doctor at SZV.
  2. If you have a letter with medical results from your GP or specialist and a summary of your medication please bring it along.
  3. If you do not feel fit for work on the date mentioned on your card by the SZV Control Doctor, you must show up for AO Control on that same day.

Please note:

  • Government employed/other civil and public servants to whom the OZR rules are applicable (OZR): If you are employed by government, your department will determine the applicable procedure for you. Depending on your department rules you will need to visit the Control Doctor on the 1st or 4th day of being sick. You will receive a Blue Card from the SZV the first time that you visit for AO Control. There is no need to visit your GP prior to coming to the SZV.
    Persons who chose to not follow these rules can get first day control mandated by their HR department. Everyone else comes in on the 4th

What to bring

  • Your ZV or OZR Insurance Card
  • Your Yellow Card or
  • Blue Card if you are a Government employee and already have one

Please note:

  • That your Yellow Card is only valid when the Employer information section is completely filled in and signed by your employer. This is applicable for ZV insured - Non-Government.
    We will accept the Yellow Card if it is not properly filled out but it has to be signed by the employer!
  • That your Yellow Card must be signed by your GP or medical specialist, or you will not be able to see the Control Doctor.
    For patients who had been admitted to the hospital, we will also accept the admittance and discharge letter from the hospital.
    In cases where the employer only hands out the Yellow Card on the 3rd day, we can also accept an official ao days declaration slip from the doctor.


What does NTB, AO, AG, UW, FW and C stand for on the medical report card?

NTB = Niet te betalen/Not to pay out

AO= Arbeids Ongeschikt/ UW: Unfit for work

AG= Arbeids Geschikt/ FW: Fit for work

C= Control/Follow up

Can I get my Yellow Card signed retroactively?

No. Only in rare cases exceptions can be made based on the discretion of the SZV Medical Advisor. It will be imperative that you have a letter from your GP/specialist explaining the medical reason for you not showing up on time if you want SZV to consider such a request.

What does the Control Doctor at SZV do?

The Control Doctor at SZV will evaluate your sickness on the 3rd day or recommend a follow-up appointment. He/she will also determine, based on your sickness and the type of work that you perform, when you should be able to return to work. This is stated as “AG” (Arbeidsgeschikt = fit for work) on the yellow/blue card. This information is important for your sick-pay which you will receive from your employer.

What to do when I get a follow-up control?

Based on your sickness, the Control Doctor at SZV may also recommend a follow-up control. This is a second appointment with the Control Doctor at SZV.  In this case, no AG date is registered as yet. Your follow-up will be registered on the yellow/blue card. This will be noted as “C/” or “Co” on the card.

Documents to bring to your follow-up appointment: your SZV insurance card and your Yellow /Blue card.

What will happen if I do not show up for my follow-up control?

If you fail to report for the follow up appointment with the Control Doctor of SZV on the date written on your card, you will lose the right to sick- pay. If you come after the date written on your Yellow Card, you will get a NTB (“niet te betalen”- not to be paid) notation on your card. This means that you may not qualify for sick pay from your employer for the period that you did not show up for follow-up onwards.

Please bring along any letters or medical results received from your GP/specialist.

I do not agree that I am fit for work. What can I do?

If the Control Doctor of SZV finds you are fit for work, you are not eligible for sick leave. If you still feel that you are unfit for work you must discuss alternative leave options with your employer. Other options may include: unpaid leave or use of vacation days.
We can recommend that they at least try to go back to work and in case this doesn’t work out then come back with a letter from their GP/medical specialist stating why they need additional days.

Are employers required to pay the insured during the first 2 days of sickness?

Yes, employers are required to pay the employee after he/she presents the signed Yellow Card to the employer. Remember that you must be declared AO by your GP or treating specialist on the first day of your sickness. If your sick-leave started before you consulted with your GP or treating specialist, your employer might only pay from the day you saw your doctor.

If I’m on sick-leave, can I let someone else come to SZV for me to get my Yellow/Blue Card signed?

No, only if you have a letter from a specialist stating a valid medical reason you cannot come in personally.
For example: broken leg, cases of bedrest

If I already have my operation date scheduled, can I come in to SZV to get my Yellow/Blue Card signed ahead of time?

No, unfortunately not. You need to come in after you have been discharged from the hospital.


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