Maternity Leave

Insured employees are entitled to a total of 12 weeks of maternity leave. You can choose between 4 or 6 weeks before estimated due date and the remainder after birth. You will receive control by the Control Doctor of SZV for 5 or 7 weeks after birth.


ZV and OZR Insured.


One (1) to two (2) weeks before the planned start of your maternity leave, you have to visit the SZV control doctor to sign-off for your maternity leave on your Yellow card of Blue card (in case you are an Government employee).

What to bring

  • Your valid SZV Insurance card.
  • If applicable, your Yellow card, if you are ZV insured.
  • If applicable, your Blue card, if you are a Government employee and already have one.
  • The signed letter from your gynecologist or midwife, indicating your due date.

Please note:

  • That your Yellow card is only valid when the Employer Information section is completely filled out and signed by your employer. This is only applicable for ZV insured.
  • That your Yellow card must be signed by your gynecologist or midwife, or you will not be able to see the control doctor of SZV.


What to do if I am on sick leave before maternity leave?

You follow the regular AO-Control procedure.


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