SZV will be conducting an AOV Pension Status Survey of all AOV recipients living on Sint Maarten.
Social & Health Insurances SZV congratulates the Home Away from Home Foundation on their first annual Health Expo and Information Day.
Get hands on training on how to accurately fill in and submit the SZV Employee registration and mutation form.
During the month of September 2018, you will have the opportunity to request a change of your Family Physician.
Social & Health Insurance SZV will be hosting a live recording on the SZV Facebook page of its press conference scheduled to take place on Tuesday July 10th at 10:30 am.
In July, Social & Health Insurances SZV recently signed a care contract with MedLinks Puerto Rico for health care services.
Social & Health Insurances SZV is reminding all registered accountants submitting declarations and payments of the ZV and OV premiums on behalf of their clients, that this is due no later than the 15th of each month.
Social & Health Insurances SZV would like to inform its customers that, as of June 15th, the following services are available by Appointment ONLY!
For the past three years, June 1st has become an annual day of celebration at the offices of Social & Health Insurances SZV. This year, SZV added senior customer services that would be available by appointment only and ...
On Saturday May 26th, Social & Health Insurances SZV participated in the 10th annual Lion’s Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair at the Belair Community Center.

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