Company deactivation

When your company ceases operations or is made inactive, you must inform SZV immediately, so that we can deactivate your company in our system. Thereby eliminating the possibility that you will continue to be charged for the social premiums and receive assessments and other notifications from SZV.



The owner/director of the company can personally visit SZV to request  the deactivation of the company or he/she can authorize someone else to perform this task on his/her behalf.


Authorization is done by submitting a letter stating the name and date of birth of the person being authorized (note:  other information can also be requested if an accountant is authorized for example). This letter should also include the level to which the person is authorized to act on behalf of the director and a copy of the director's valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport.


Please note:

The authorization letter cannot be emailed or faxed. The original authorization letter needs to be submitted at SZV.



  1. You must first deactivate the company at the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Thereafter, come to SZV (either by walk-in or through an appointment) with the excerpt (T-form) that you have obtained from the Chamber of Commerce, stating the date of de-activation.


Please note:

The deactivation cannot be done online, by phone or through email, you must personally visit SZV.


What to bring

  • A valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport.
  • An excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce stating the date of de-activation.
  • If applicable, a copy of the bankruptcy court verdict.



What to do when the owner has died in case of a sole-proprietorship?

The death certificate must be presented to SZV. The company will be terminated as of the date of death of the sole-proprietor.

What to do when the owner of a sole-proprietorship has emigrated?

If the sole proprietor is no longer assessed for income taxes as being a resident of Sint Maarten, he/she can no longer be considered a sole-proprietor and therefore as of that date, the company will cease to exist. Proof of such has to be submitted to SZV.

What to do when I am declared bankrupt?

You need to proceed with the same deactivation process as described above. If applicable, be sure to bring along the bankruptcy court verdict and notice.

Why am I being assessed if I de-registered all my employees already?

Submitting a mutation to de-register all your employees does not de-activate your company. The company is still active. Therefore, you need to submit monthly declarations even if they are zero. Failure to do so will result in assessments automatically being produced for and charged to your company.


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