Employee mutation

You must inform SZV of the following changes regarding your employees:

  • Changes in wages.
  • Changes in the number of working hours per day.
  • Changes in the number of working days per week.
  • Changes in the contract duration.
  • New contract information.

Failure to do so, will lead to:

  • Your company being liable for a penalty fee for late submission.
  • Your employees not being assisted until an updated mutation form is submitted.
  • In case of termination, you are liable for the social premiums of your registered employees (including during their registered open contract period) even if they are no longer employed at your company.
  • Incorrect or incomplete amount of loss of wages.



The employer is responsible for submitting mutations of its employees.



  1. You must fill out the employee mutation form accurately and completely, then sign it.

  2. Attach copies of a valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport. of all employees mentioned on the form that are commencing their employment with your company.

  3. Submit the form either in person at the Employers Desk or by dropping it off in the designated drop-off box.

Please note:

  • The mutation form needs to be submitted:
    a) within 2 working days after the change occurred for commencements and terminations.
    b) before the 15th of the following month if the change occurred for all other changes/mutations.
  • The employee mutation form needs to be signed by an authorized person/representative.
  • You cannot submit the form via email or fax. It must be deposited in the drop-off box.

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