FZOG is the “Fonds Ziektekosten Overheids Gepensioeneerden”.


 Retired government workers or their widow(er).


 You apply for FZOG after you have stopped working and have applied for your pension.

What to bring

  • Valid SXM ID card
  • Copy of your dismissal letter from Government
  • Last 2 salary pay slips from Government
  • A copy of your last pension salary slip (if not yet granted a copy of your stamped submitted request to APS or Government salary administration)
  • A declaration stating how many years you were employed with Government
  • If married: detailed registration form from the Census (not older than 3 months) and copy of valid SXM ID card of your spouse
  • If dependent children in the age group 0-24: a copy detailed registration from the Civil Registry (not older than 3 months)
  • If dependent children in the age group 18-24: an original school declaration for the current school year or term

If you are the widow(er) of an FZOG insured applying for your own insurance under FZOG, then you need to bring:

  • The death certificate of the head insured
  • Your detailed registration form from the Civil Registry (not older than 3 months)
  • A declaration that states you’re a recipient of widow or widowers pension (obtainable from salary administration St. Maarten or APS)
  • Copy valid ID
  • Copy most recent widow or widowers pension pay slip


Can I have an FZOG card and insurance in the private sector?


When do I apply for a reimbursement of premiums paid?

When leaving the country or if you are not qualified to be FZOG insured.

What to bring for a reimbursement?

Evidence of the premium paid.

Can I remain using my FZOG card after my spouse is deceased and he/she was the head insured?

No, you must return all insurance cards to SZV and apply for your own insurance under FZOG.

Do I have to pay premiums on the pension that I receive from APS or the Government Salary administration?

Yes, you must pay FZOG premiums for your FZOG insurance card via the paying institution.


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