Request Lumpsum After Passing

A Lumpsum After Passing refers to:

  • A one-time payout equal to four (4) months of the maximum AOV pension benefit to cover funeral costs (it doesn’t matter if the deceased pensioner was collecting less than the maximum)
  • AOV benefits due but not collected by the deceased


Lumpsum to cover funeral costs – the person who paid for the funeral costs is the one who can request the funeral grant.

Please note:

  • The person requesting the lumpsum for funeral costs can authorize Royal Funeral Home or Emerald Funeral Home to collect the lumpsum on their behalf


  1. Make an appointment at SZV
  2. Come in with the required paperwork 


Please note:

  • Application must be done within 6 months of death of pensioner.

What to bring

  • Valid form of identification
  • Death certificate of the pensioner
  • Detailed registration from the Civil Registry of pensioner if pensioner was registered on Sint Maarten and deceased abroad
  • In case of funeral costs: receipts proving the applicant paid for most the funeral expenses
  • Invoice from the funeral home
  • In case applying from abroad: properly filled out lumpsum request form
  • In case of AOV pension not collected: notarized documentation of legal heirs (attestation of inheritance)

Please note:

  • SZV reserves the right to request additional information/documents to determine if the person or persons that applied is (are) the one(s) that should indeed receive this lump sum.
  • If authorizing funeral home: a letter authorizing SZV to pay the lumpsum to the funeral home in question will be given at the time of application. This letter has to be taken to the funeral home for signature and stamp and returned to SZV.


If the pensioner is entitled to the funds to cover funeral costs why is it not given automatically?

The pensioner is not entitled to these funds. The funds are meant for the person who was responsible for the funeral costs. This is not necessarily a direct family member.


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