60+ medical insurance

The intention of the 60+ insurance is to offer the senior an insurance as a last alternative when no other medical insurance is obtainable for him/her.

Please note:

  • The pensioner is subject to pay 10.4% of his/her taxable income (he/she pays up to the maximum of SZV current year wage limit).
  • The AOV pension recipient must authorize SZV to withhold the premium for sickness insurance from his/her Old Age Pension benefits.
  • If the pensioner is not in receipt of an Old Age Pension or the Old Age Pension is not sufficient, he/she is then obligated to pay the premium as an independent.


 A senior who has no other alternative to obtain medical insurance.


Come to SZV with the required documentation to process the application.

What to bring

  • Valid identification (SXM ID/passport)
  • Income declaration (including proof of filing) of the previous year from the Tax Office
  • Your crib number
  • Proof of any additional income
  • Detailed registration from the Civil Registry of SXM (not older than 3 months)
  • Properly filled out and signed registration form for sickness insurance (orange form)
  • Properly filled out and signed authorization insurance for 60+/pensioner form
  • Statement or denial letter from another institution stating that you are not eligible a/o not qualified for any other medical insurance
  • If applicable: a valid residence permit

Please note:

  • You will be asked to sign a contract with SZV in which you agree that you are obliged to pay the premium and which stipulates what happens in case of non-payment.


Can I apply for 60+ before my 60st Birthday?

No but you can start preparing the documents.

Can my dependents be insured?

Yes, if they are younger than 60 years old. Upon making the request you must bring: valid ID, properly filled out detailed registration form, school letter.

Why did I not automatically receive the 60+ insurance together with my old age pension (application)?

Because the 60+ Insurance is not automatically granted; it is a last resort that is granted upon request and after verification of compliance with the requirements.


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