Family Member Registration 60+ Insurance

A senior with 60+ insurance is entitled to add his/her co-dependents his/her insurance.


As a senior with 60+ insurance, you can add the following co-dependents to your insurance:

  • Your first legally registered spouse
  • Your children up till the age of 24

Please note:

  • That only your first legally registered spouse can be registered.
  • That no other family members, grandparent(s), boyfriends, or girlfriends can be added.
  • A child that has no residence permit but the parent is working cannot be insured unless the parent is OZR insured.


You can walk in at any time as a senior for family member registration. The head insured needs to be present and children age 12 and up need to be present too (to have a picture taken).

Please note:

  • Unemployed spouses are insured for SZV sickness insurance until the age of 59 years.

What to bring

  • Valid form of identification (SXM ID/passport) for the head insured and the dependents being registered
  • Combined income declaration previous year (including proof of filing) from the Tax Office
  • Proof of any additional income
  • Detailed registration from the Civil Registry of SXM (not older than 3 months)
  • Information of your dependent properly filled out on the registration form for sickness insurance (orange form)
  • Original school declaration (for children in age group 18 - 24)
  • Properly filled out dependent(orange) form
  • If applicable: a valid residency permit

Please note:

  • Only school declarations for full-time students attending an educational or vocational training at recognized schools are accepted.

If your employer did not fill out an employee mutation form for you then your dependents cannot be registered


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