Baby guarantee letter

A Baby Guarantee Letter is required for you to submit to the hospital and lab as proof that the cost of the unborn baby is covered under the (ZV) Sickness Insurance Ordinance. With this baby guarantee letter, you do not have to make a deposit for the delivery charges.



ZV insured persons.

Please note:

  • At least one of the parents must have residency to obtain a baby guarantee letter.
  • If the breadwinner is not ZV insured you will not qualify to receive the baby declaration.


1. Your request for a baby guarantee letter cannot be submitted before your 7th month of pregnancy.

2. You can request the letter via e-mail to, and must include copies of required documents as attachments. Your e-mail to SZV must include: Full name of expected mother, Date of birth, ID/Passport number, Civil status, if applicable: End date of residence permit, If married: same details of spouse, Name of employer of expected mother and if married, name of employer of spouse, Expected delivery date.

3. The baby guarantee letter will be e-mailed to the St. Maarten Medical Center within 2 to 3 days of your request. You will receive an email confirmation that the approval was sent/emailed to SMMC.

4. Make sure to attach all relevant documents (see below).

What to submit

- A valid identification document such a valid Sint Maarten ID card or a valid passport (if married, of the spouse also).

- A letter from the treating gynecologist or midwife, stating the due date.

- A stamped copy of your combined income tax form along with the income tax declaration from of the previous year from the Tax Office (this is only applicable if you are married.

- If applicable, a valid residency permit.

- If applicable, a deed of pre-acknowledgement of the unborn child from the Civil Registry.

- A detail registration form from the Civil registry (census office) is necessary if SZV does not have record of your marriage.

Please note

- A baby declaration cannot be processed if your SZV record is not up to date (including but not limited to your employment history).

- SZV reserves the right to request additional documents besides what is listed above if necessary.



Can a PP card holder obtain a baby guarantee letter?

No, the medical assistant from government do not cover dependents.

Can a dependent minor obtain a baby guarantee letter?

No, third generation is not covered as a dependent under the various ordinances executed by SZV unless the 1st generation has legal custody(right) of the unborn baby.

Can I obtain a baby guarantee letter if I am no longer working?

Only if you qualify as an ex-employee, you will be able to obtain the baby guarantee letter. Click here to see information pertaining to ex-employees.

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