New born registration



ZV insured who had a baby.


You can make an appointment to visit the Employees & Insured Desk. Please ensure that you have all relevant documents with you.

What to bring

  • A valid insurance Card.
  • A valid identification document such a valid Sint Maarten ID card or a valid passport of the head insured (if married, of the spouse also) and the dependents being registered.
  • A stamped income declaration of the previous year from the Tax Office, if you are single (this is only applicable if you are an ex-employee) or a combined income tax declaration of the previous year from the Tax Office, if you are married.
  • A detailed registration form from the Civil Registry (not older than three (3) months).
  • An original Birth certificate.
  • An accurately and completely filled out registration (orange) form.
  • If applicable, a valid residency permit(s).

Please note:

  • The head insured must be present.
  • If your employer did not accurately and completely fill out an employee mutation form for you, then your application request for a baby guarantee letter cannot be processed. Please make sure that your employer fills out the employee mutation form accurately and completely.



Why do a new-born baby receive an insurance card for only three (3) months?

If the child is not a Dutch citizen, and one (1) of the parents is in the possession of a valid residency permit, then after three (3) months the parents must submit a valid passport and a valid residency permit, so that the baby can be eligible to receive a card renewal.

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