ZV Insurance card (pick-up)

In accordance to the Sickness Insurance Ordinance, employees, ex-employees and members of his/her family, if any, are entitled to compensation in the event of sickness.


Employees. Meaning all persons who are employed by an employer, receives a salary that does not exceed the ZV wage limit and have a 5-day or 6-day workweek.

Please note:

  • Anyone who works for an employer on the island is considered an employee in Sint Maarten, except:
  1. Employees who are self-employed and are considered employers by SZV.
  2. Parents and children residing in the family home of the employer unless they have a normal working relationship with the employer and are compensated in accordance to industry standards.
  3. Household/domestic personnel.
  4. At-home workers.
  5. Captain and crewmembers of Sint Maarten flagged ship.
  6. Civil Servants.
  7. Owner of a sole proprietorship and a spouse of a sole proprietor.
  • Wages are all payments which an employee receives as compensation for work performed.
    This includes:
  1. Basic salary.
  2. Vacation allowance and Christmas bonus.
  3. Child allowance.
  4. Shift duty, stand-by, dark hours and other fixed allowances.
  5. Wages in kind (such as free housing, use of company car, use of company telephone etc.).
  6. Provision and commission.

  7. Only tips (service charge) that is officially administered by the employer in his accounting records.
  8. Dividends, profit sharing bonuses.
  9. Payment for contracted work.


  1. Make an appointment with SZV.
  2. Bring along a valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport.
  3. If applicable, then please bring your original valid residency permit.
  4. You also have to bring in as proof, your original employment contract
  5. Fill in the employee registration (orange) form and have this with you on the day of your appointment.
    Depends on the employment history of the employee and his/her current employer, if more documents will required to establish whether or not there is an employment relationship. For certain employers (e.g. construction companies) this is a must.

Please note:

  • The insured needs to be present in person. You cannot authorize someone else to come to the appointment.
  • If your employer did not accurately and completely fill out the employee mutation form for you, then you will not be able to pick up your ZV insurance card. Please make sure that your employer fills out the employee mutation form accurately and completely.



I’m not covered for sickness insurance if my salary is above the ZV wage limit; what about coverage for accident insurance?

All employees are covered for accident insurance regardless of their wages and number of working days.

Why is my ZV insurance card only valid for 6 months?

For example, your employment contract is for 6 months, the ZV insurance card will be issued for 6 months.

If the employment contract is only for a period of 6 months, the card will only be issued for 6 months.
If the residency permit expires within 6 months, the card will only be issued for the time that the residency permit is valid.

Can I authorize someone to register for (and collect my ZV insurance card) because I am working or I am not on the island?

No, each insured must be interviewed personally to receive the ZV insurance card.

Do I need to return my card if I no longer work for a company or changed jobs?

Yes, when you no longer work for a company or change jobs it is important that you come to SZV and return your ZV insurance card. Your ZV insurance card is tied to your employment. Once you are no longer working for an employer, your ZV insurance card is no longer valid and should be returned to SZV.

In all cases, always make sure your ex-employer updates your mutation form with the relevant information.

Why do I have to provide evidence of wages received, when registering for my ZV insurance card?

In order for SZV to be able verify whether or not you qualify for the ZV insurance.

What is a wage earner?

A wage earner is the person in your family who earns the most and is the main provider of your family.

What is a head insured?

A head insured is the employee whose family members are insured under him/her as his/her dependents.


Can I remain insured if I become unemployed?

Yes, you can qualify to remain insured if you were insured for Sickness Insurance deriving from your last employer

  • and can no longer be regarded as an employee in accordance to the (ZV) Sickness Insurance Ordinance,
  • and are a legal resident of Sint Maarten,
  • and are not entitled to any form of compensation for medical treatment and/or nursing care other than in accordance to the (ZV) Sickness Insurance Ordinance,
  • and have not reached the age of 60,
  • and have no other income than benefits received from Government’s Financial Assistance.

If you become unemployed and have a ZV Insurance Card, please visit SZV in order to establish if you meet all conditions mentioned above and can remain insured as a “gewezen werknemer” under the (ZV) Sickness Insurance Ordinance.

Het is dus van belang om na te gaan of een werknemer op enig andere wijze een ziekteverzekering kan krijgen, bijv. via de partner, maar ook omdat bijv. iemand een woonadres te Saint Martin heeft. Is dat zo- dan kan hij dus wel aanspraak maken op geneeskundige behandeling anders dan deze landverordening en voldoet hij dus niet aan dit vereiste.

Can I be insured under a sole-proprietorship (“eenmanszaak”) if I am a family member?

The owner and his/her spouse cannot be insured.  Children and parents of the sole proprietor, who all are residing in the family home of the sole proprietor, can be insured under the sole proprietor as his/her employees, if there is an normal employment relationship and they are being compensated in accordance to industry standards.

Can I have 2 insurance cards: one as an employee and one as the dependent of my spouse?

If you are eligible for the ZV Insurance,  then you are not allowed to have 2 insurance cards


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