Re-printing of lost, stolen or damaged ZV insurance cards



ZV insured who have lost his/her valid ZV insurance card, had it stolen or damaged.


  1. You should go to the Employees & Insured Desk and fill out the request form for re-printing of your ZV insurance card.
  2. You have to pay ANG 10 at the cashier of the Employers Desk.
  3. Then you have to return to the Employees & Insured Desk with the cash receipt to get your ZV insurance card re-printed.

You can come by the SZV office building 1 and get a re-print of your ZV insurance card.

What to bring

  • A valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport.

The head insured needs to be present. The head insured is the employee whose family members are insured under him/her as his/her dependents.

  • If applicable, a valid residency permit.
  • If applicable, a police report.

Please note:

  • If your employer did not accurately and completely fill out an employee mutation form for you then your card re-print request cannot be processed. Please make sure that your employer fills out the employee mutation form accurately and completely.


Can someone else pick up my insurance card?

No, you or the head insured are the only ones who can pick up the ZV insurance card in person.

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