Family member(s) registration



An ZV insured who is considered the breadwinner of the family.

The ZV insured person, can add the following co-dependents to his/her insurance:

  • His/her legally registered spouse up and until the age of 59,
  • His/her children up and until the age of 24,
    “Children” meaning:
  1. Minor legitimate children of the insured,
  2. Minor by law acknowledged children of the insured,
  3. Minor children of the insured born out of wedlock,
  4. Minor illegitimate children of the insured residing in the family home of the insured or whom the insured has to maintain pursuant to a court decision or an authentic (notarial) deed;
  5. Minor children related by marriage or foster children residing in the family home of the insured;
  6. Children who are considered adults by law but who are fulltime in school until they have reached the age of 25.

Please note, that :

  • SZV has to establish that you are insured under the ZV Insurance.
  • Only your legally registered spouse can be registered. No other family members, grandparent(s), boyfriends, or girlfriends can be added.
  • If you are working but your child has no valid residency permit, your child cannot be insured.


You can make an appointment to get your family member(s) insured. The head insured needs to be present and children from age 12 and up, also needs to be present (to have their picture taken).

What to bring

  • A valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport. Also the valid identification documents of the dependents being registered.
  • A stamped combined income tax declaration of the previous year the Tax Office, if the co-insured is a spouse.
  • A detailed registration form from the Civil Registry of Sint Maarten (not older than 3 months), showing that the head insured and the dependents are residing together.
  • Information of your dependent accurately and completely filled out on the registration form for sickness insurance (orange form).
  • An original school declaration (for children in the age group 18 - 24)
  • If applicable, a valid residency permit(s).
  • If applicable, proof of any additional income such as rental income, pension income etc.

Please note:

  • Only the original school declarations for full-time students attending an recognized educational or vocational training school are accepted.
  • If your employer did not accurately and completely fill out an employee mutation form for you, then your dependents cannot be registered. Please make sure that your employer fills out the employee mutation form accurately and completely.


Can I be insured under a sole-proprietorship (“eenmanszaak”) if I am a family member?

The owner and his/her spouse cannot be insured.  Children and parents of the sole proprietor, who all are residing in the family home of the sole proprietor, can be insured under the sole proprietor as his/her employees, if there is an normal employment relationship and they are being compensated in accordance to industry standards.

Can my spouse be insured in my sole-proprietor business?

No, your spouse cannot be insured as an employee of your sole-proprietor business.

Am I paying extra premium to cover any dependents registered under my ZV insurance card?

No, you are not.  Your employer pays the extra premium.

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