ZV Insurance card renewal



SZV insured whose ZV insurance card has expired.


As of 4 weeks prior to the expiration date of your ZV insurance card you can make an appointment to get your card renewed.

What to bring

  • A valid identification document. This can be: a valid Sint Maarten ID card, a valid driver’s license or, a valid passport.
  • If applicable, a valid residency permit.
  • Your valid and expired ZV insurance card.

Please note:

  • The SZV insured needs to be present in person.
  • If your employer did not accurately and completely fill out an employee mutation form for you, then your ZV insurance card renewal request cannot be processed. Please make sure that your employer fills out the employee mutation form accurately and completely.


Can I authorize someone to collect my ZV insurance card because I am working or I am off island?

No, each insured must be interviewed in person in order to receive the ZV insurance card.

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